10 Years Old Today!!!

In hindsight, we chose a terrible month to launch RS246 but here we are 10 years later….  To quote one of the founding members, “Built it – they will come!” and you did!  10 years on and we have an amazing enthusiast community.

RS246 @ Brands Hatch

Last year we celebrated 50 million hits and well on the way to see another million on top of that for this year.  In the last 12 months, RS246.com has had around 7 million page views during 1 million visits from around 250,000 unique visitors.

RS246 @ The Old Lodge

The forum, with over 560,000 posts, is where most of the “action” takes place.  RS246 is renowned as the premier source of information from real Audi R, S and RS owners.

Wishing everyone the very best for 2013!!

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